Ed Corgosinno

I discovered my passion for design since early age back in my hometown (Rio de Janeiro). I started designing new logos and corporate identity back in the 90’s when I was invited to come to Florida and never looked back since May 1993. My 1st Company was one of the first large format printing companies in South Florida. Back in the day, the inks for the large format printers did not come in cartridges like today, they used to come in a plastic bag like an IV from hospital… it needed to bleed daily to remove the air bubbles before start printing (what a nightmare that was). I then discovered the world of precision cutting around 1999 and decided to become a “metal artist / fabricator”. I like to create unique custom art pieces for high-end furniture, interior decor and custom metal signs as well as all commercial signs (my main business). I do believe there is nothing more important than do what you like to do for a living. It’s all about having passion for what you like to do and success just will come along as result of your efforts. I have capabilities of designing unique freehand art based on a phrase description but i also like to improve old images with a more updated look. As far as final products, I offer an extensive variety of different materials but mainly i like to work with aluminum with unique finishes such as custom hand-brushed, clear coating, professional¬† painting, powdercoating and anodizing. I like to get my clients involved in the process of creating their custom metal art or custom furniture piece, choosing the design style based on their ideas and my creativity to bring to life. My work is unique and i like to “tailor-fit” based on client’s idea, incorporating my design to produce an unique piece where we’re both part of it, so you have a conversation piece to brag about it because was done specifically for you and is “Customized Tailor Fit” to your needs.

I am also involved in the Large Format Printing Business since 1993 with capabilities of producing anything from a penny size to a semi-truck wrap. I consider myself very blessed to be able to do what i like for a living and I promise you every project that i accomplish is done with passion and a lot of dedication because i love what i do and If i can define my work in one phrase I would say: “Perfection is a powerful message!”